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1.one whos is obsessed with all things star wars, spends ungodly amounts of money to have the latest storm trooper armour and action figures.
2.cosiders himself to be the leader of an elite commando group, excells at all video games mainly shooters.
3.loves to embarress himself by making strange noises and "music" with his mouth in public.
hey arrowsmith, whos better jango fet or boba fett.
well jango hes not a clone you f***

well you see you could have gotten the medal on the hanger level, if you were a "commando".
by haha yeaaaa April 29, 2008
1. a badass in combat takes the form of an upright bull dog wielding a pair of miniguns loaded with armourpiercing incendery rounds, spitting them at 60 rounds per second, total death and destruction follows his transformation, his men would follow him to the depths of hell to fight satan himself.
2. wears flannel shirts, drinks scotch, and drives a vw jetta, his musical taste is a mystery
wow man that was twaddell man you f***ing destroyed them

by haha yeaaaa April 29, 2008

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