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a person (usually white but on occasion can be asian) who thinks they are a nigger or a person of african american descent. Usually raised in surberban america or general upper class. Usualy they refer to their neighborhoods as "ghetto". They usually refer to themselves as parts of famos gangs (bloods, crips, ms13), even though the bloods dont live out there. Also, wiggers can be heard calling themselves from different coasts and flash the exact same general gang sign, even though they live in total opposite sides of the country or city. But wiggstaz (wigger gangbangers) can sometimes be deadly. When their not shooting neighborhood cats with realistic looking pellet guns or mugging local elementary schoolers for their lunch money, they can be seen posing with their "guns" and extra large teeshirts with dead rappers on them. Overall, wiggers are harmless creatures who can be scared easily.
wiggers: yo my hommies i be hanging with my niggaz (another wigger) and my white bitches (aka a playboy he found behind a dumpster). 2pac, may he rest in peace, be watchn me yo doggie dawg!
by haha wiggers are worthless November 20, 2009

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