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53 definitions by haha

FFC is a room full of pseudo-intellectuals, most of which are absolute fools and actually know nothing about the actual game. The people in FFC tend sit around and rant about pointless, idiotic, and generally pathetic things. Occasionally an intelligent person enters the room and shuts everyone down for awhile, once the intelligent person leaves, they all get back to rambling. I personally despise each and every person who has ever entered that room (exluding myself, of course). It isn't wise to associate yourself with the AOL garbage that inhabits that room.
Haha look at that moron, he's probably from the FFC room.
by Haha April 14, 2005
21 19
yoyo i'm horny! Word originated from pacific island near hawaii.
Umtikea-ah umtikea-ah!!!
by haha February 24, 2005
3 1
A fake orgasm
Chick 1: My boyfriend was horrible last night in bed.
Chick 2: What did you do?
Chick 1: I had to fasm and he actually believed me.
by HaHa April 14, 2004
3 1
the state of being ghetto, punk, and delicious at the same time.
If Eminem and Benji from Good Charlotte mated, their child would be ghettopunkalicious.
by haha July 03, 2004
3 3
A white slimy substance made in the male testicles.
Dangit! I spilled some cr3am on my pants!
by haha March 18, 2003
5 5
slave driving, mistress]
cold hard bitch
yes mistress....here mistress
by haha July 25, 2004
5 6
Head cheerleader. Legendary IT girl and hedonist. Has a penchant for booty. Has coined many erudite phrases that have become a part of popular culture.
e.g: sailorboy
by haha February 04, 2004
7 8