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extremely sexy and attractive male whos real name is John and has a girl friend that could by one defenition be called an albino......look up albino and find the one written by hagus
i.e. one that is on the Tom Bean drumline
i.e. is a sophmore
i.e. is sometimes called giovanni the man whore (giovanni is the italian word for john)
by Hagus January 21, 2004
this is re-defined by me because the old one is out of date: extremely sexy and atrractive male, who is on the drumline, is a junior, and does not have a girlfriend that is an albino....sad...ok im over it...
i.e. is no longer sometimes calle Giavanni the Man Whore
by hagus August 30, 2004
a certian girl whose real name is gentry and is best friends with my girlfriend
i.e. is an aquestrian
i.e. is a massive BAND NERD
by Hagus February 09, 2004

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