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BEST GAME EVER! rets go to eefans u guys!!!!

eeffan- hey guys rets go to my house to pray some cod 4
wirr- o yea rets arr go to eefans house n pray some cod 4
phirrip- herro? we must go to mackky d's and eat some dericious food
fb- food!? wheree i want some dericious food and brew and cari hash
(robby doyre enters)
robby doyre-ahhaahhahaha hey guys rets go pray some cod 4 and eat some mackky d's
phirrip (puts on his wierd face and says) - herro!!??!?!?! we were jus tarkin bout doin dat rite now!
(aboudi enters)
bouds- hey guys lets go play some basketball and work out!
eefan- tisk tisk bouds, dont u ever know that there is more to rife ven basketbarr?
aboudi- like wut?
phirrip- rike cod 4 and video games herro praystation???
aboudi- o...u guys are cool, im gonna go eat hummus with grey
robby doyre- go ahed...eat ur pork kabobs
(walking home from mackky d's to pray some cod)
eefan- shit my berrs!!!! i dropped my pork fried rice and my remonade!
by hageman April 17, 2008

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