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A pastime that is often performed by youth 12-19. When not interrupted by older siblings and their girlfriends, this action can be quite pleasurable.
I've been staying up often and i am losing sleep.
by hadley February 07, 2004
an annoying phrase often used by intimate couples when addressing younger siblings.
go to bed
by hadley February 07, 2004
1. A legal action in a court of law between two private parties regarding sexual harassment.
2. See birthday suit.
That's not a sexual harassment suit, THIS is a sexual harassment suit.
by Hadley July 03, 2008
A bastard combination of English, Spanish and French spoken by confused high school students or people who just don't give a damn. Pronounced Spang-Glay, from the English word Spanish, and the French word Anglais (English). Differs from Spanglish by the inclusion of the official language of cheese eating surrender monkeys
"Il fait trop hot my Agua"

(Its too hot in my water)
by Hadley April 12, 2005
cocky nerd
1. n. An annoying person who fills countless hours of their empty life hanging out at gaming websites, typing stupid, cocky things on message boards and chat rooms, and often claiming to have been at the website since its creation.
2. n. A gaming nerd who masters an online game, and insults any weaker (or not weaker) players calling them "noob" and sometims even "n00b" to pathetically make themselves feel as big as the jocks who beat them up every day.
Yeah I've pretty much had this game since it came out, and i haven't been able to find any one as good as me -- i'm pretty much a vet of this game.
by Hadley July 08, 2004
A term unique to the cadets at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, 'Balls to 4', is the watch from 0000-0400. Not actually obscene, the 0000's look like little balls.
James: The new watch bill has been posted, did you see it?
Mike: Nope.
James: Thats too bad, you have the balls to 4.
Mike: %&^$@!
by Hadley December 13, 2004

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