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3 definitions by habacheebee

to know who and what you are on a core level and to be true to yourself no matter what adversitys come your way.
"Monique really got her personality deep locked down! She know who she is and ain't nobody gonna tell her otherwise!"
by Habacheebee February 26, 2010
6 1
to go room to room in your house or apartment spraying Febreze to cover the smell of something you shouldn't be doing; like smoking weed.
Josh- "We shouldn't have smoked that bowl!"
Shawn- "Why not?"
Josh- "Because my Moms coming home and she will smell it! She's like a bloodhound!"
Shawn- "Oh shit! You better do a Full Febreze!"
by habacheebee November 17, 2010
4 1
When you use all your Polaroid film at an event or party.
Diana, "That party was insane!"
Shawn, "OH I know! I was so drunk I shot my Polawad"
by habacheebee September 04, 2011
1 0