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Small town in central Indiana chock-full of middle-aged Republicans and pious "Christians" who claim to be so religious, yet are alcoholics and beat their wives.
Whiteland has a high school full of bratty rednecks (there are a few decent kids..like 4 of them), and snobby butterface blondes that think Ed Hardy is the epitome of coolness.
Whiteland basically consists of liquor stores, gas stations, churches, bad teeth, 80s hair, annoying teenagers and cornfeilds.
"Why did that 15 year girl over there in the knock off Ed Hardy tell me that she was 'very Christian' the other day, when I just watched her have tit sex with Mike last night?"

"Well what do you expect? She's from Whiteland."
by haaaygirlhay April 18, 2010

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