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Ass Admiral, n: The rank above Ass Captain.

(note: Ass Admiral is a better insult because it's one rank higher, and it's also an alliteration. Those always sting.)
Person A: You cock blister!
Person B: You spooge-licker.
Person A: Blisterwater drinker!
Person B: Regurgitated cum bubble.
Person A: Ass captain!
Person B: Ass ADMIRAL!
Crowd: Ooooooh...
by h3jm4k April 14, 2004
Do not trust the pusher robot. He is malfunctioning. We are here to protect you.
We are the space robots. We are here to protect you. We are here to protect you from the terrible secret of space.
by h3jm4k December 01, 2003
A nice, albeit mischievious creature, often depicted as being tall and lanky with mottled skin, long hair, and a hooked nose.

On the other hands, trolls have been known to be huge and vicious carnivores, eating up to thirty humans in a single meal.
Grendel is such a bad-ass troll.
by h3jm4k December 21, 2003

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