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The l337 people that are in your b0x0rz right now
I was trying to d/l this pr0n video but there were h@x0rz in my b0x0rz
by h3LL0us3r March 28, 2005
A method of sexual exploration involving:
1. Kill your girlfriend
2. Put her in the freezer
3. Stick her in the microwave until she is nice and toasty.
4. Serve with tortilla chips
That bitch was totally uptight, youknowwhatimean? I mean she was cold baby, she wouldn't do anything, not oral, anal, the reach around, or even have an orgy with 2 other girls and a man in a Santa Claus outfit. But I fixed that when I unleashed the T.V. Dinner on her.
by h3LL0us3r March 28, 2005
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