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The act of debating social issues on a Facebook thread. A pointless exercise where parties post their viewpoints in an attempt to convince readers and other parties that their views are correct
"He posted a joke about the Arizona immigration law and then a 100 post FaBate broke out."

"He is such a troll, every day he posts something looking for a FaBate."
by h20kj May 05, 2010
A phrase that indicates that you have made or will make a point using sarcasm.
"He said all of Europe was collapsing and the Euro would be gone tomorrow, so in my sarcastic font I told him to call CNN and let them know right away."

"Dang, I missed Rush Limbaugh today, so now who am I going to get all my opinions from?" she said using her sarcastic font.
by h20kj May 06, 2010

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