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To cause something damage by an act of planktitude.
1) Jimmy didn't realise that he would planktify his pizza by leaving it in the oven too long.
by h1ppyj0hn October 13, 2009
A measure or act of total stupidity.
1) It took an enormous amount of planktitude to put petrol in the fuel tank of a diesel car.

2) Walking into a closed, glass patio door would be an act of planktitude.
by h1ppyj0hn October 13, 2009
Something that has been damaged or broken by an act of planktitude would be said to have been planktified.
1) Jimmy planktified his laptop when he spilt coffee on it.
2) Jessy planktified her favourite white top when she washed it with the red socks.
3) Jimmy dropped his phone in the toilet. It was totally planktified.
by h1ppyj0hn October 13, 2009
An accident, usually a trip or fall, caused by varying degrees of planktitude.
1) Jimmy had a plank stack because he totally didn't see the door was closed.
2) Jimmy plank stacked his car when he hit the gas instead of the brakes.
by h1ppyj0hn October 13, 2009
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