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This is to shut the anti-weed mofuckas up.
1st of all...I could say that weed is a natural plant.....then all you haters would say "oh, but not everythin made in nature is good fo u" rite?....then i would say "is weed that harmful that it would kill you?"...then you couldnt say nuttin

2nd....the business itself.....do you kno how much paper you could make if you deal good shit? ud be a millionaire.....imagine if the US government legalized weed.....do u kno that we'd never have to worry bout economic problems ever again because they'd b so many people buyin and sellin it. supply and demand

3rd....its safer.....more people are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes than weed.....AND DONT EVEN GIVE ME THAT BULLSHIT CUZ CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOL CANNNN KILL YOU.....weed cant....drinkin and driving accidents accidents are more likely to happen by 3x than a smokin and drivin accident...

4th....y not?....the shit gives u suchhh a relaxed state of mind....imagine if you wit ur girl....how much better would you feel wit her THAT relaxed....imagine you at a meeting.....imagine how easy it would be for you to cooperate wit every1....that is only if you smoke enuff to get a good high goin.....not a high as fuck episode.

5th....its great for anorexics....people who so afraid to gain some weight.....jus give em some reefa.....those mofuckin munchies will get to em sooner or later.

6th....its great for social gatherins.....wouldn't you rather smoke, get high, and enjoy your state of mind instead of drink, get drunk as fuck, and puke all over yo frends carpet?

7th....introspective.....you think bout so much shit when you high.....no lie....like after you fed yoself and sit down.....you think bout shit...like God, yo life, yo girl and it clears up a lot of stuff too

8th....if it were legalized.....so many more companies would get more business......the glass industry would be huge because of all the bongs it would make....sandwich bags would be goin good cuz u need somewhere where you stash that shit.....all fast food joints would be makin double the business cuz of all the people wit munchies....and every1 would b eatin brownies all day....haha

so you see u fuckheads.....this shit would make our world such a better place.....no wars, no plague, no destruction....jus chillin 24/7.....420 ma niggas........
Mary Jane, AK-47, Buddha, Purple Haze, Strawberry Haze, KB, Rhino, Beast, G13, Blueberry, Maui Howie, Shiva,
by h1ndu January 16, 2005
The funniest indian comedian ever. I saw his taping and nearly cried for a good 45 minutes because it was so funny. You have to see this guy.
"But dad, UR an immigrant"


by h1ndu November 22, 2004
The greatest rapper i have ever herd bsides 2Pac and Biggie. dammmmmmmmmmmmm this nigga is crazy
get these songs:
Angels of Death
Bin Laden
Dance With the Devil
The 4th Branch
The Illest
Point of No Return
***Harlem Streets****
The Cause of Death (dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
Peruvian Cocaine
You Never Know
Crossing the Boundary
by h1ndu January 26, 2005

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