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The correlary to pinched the perfect loaf, This dump never seems to come clean. Generally requires constant reaming and a couple of flushes to get clean.
Dude, I was in the shitter all day with an endless wipe!
by gyrussfanx May 08, 2007
The rank smell that erupts when someone sits in a chair you recently blasted into.
Dude, someone left some freakin fart dust in my chair!
by gyrussfanx May 08, 2007
Related to the endless wipe. The act of trying to clean one's ass after taking a crap and getting little or no results.
Dude, I took a dump and had an endless wipe. I ended up fudge smearing for a freaking half hour!
by gyrussfanx May 08, 2007
Adjective to describe a person with a a larger than normal ego. Can be used to describe a set of people.
I was at a conference the other day with a room full of egonauts. It wasn't very productive.

Billy is such an egonaut. He won't listen to anything that doesn't come from his own mouth.
by gyrussfanx March 06, 2008
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