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The most loyal person you could ever meet. She may have a tough exterior, or present a tough exterior, but inside is a true women. A women who knows exactly how to be a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed!!! Always pretty, but never cross her because she can hold a grudge for years. She's a self-professed grudge-a-holic. If she likes you, she likes you. Most people try to impress her, but she is a pretty down to earth kinda girl, and doesn't need to be bribed for friendship. Shes the kinda person that would tell you to be yourself, and always be honest about it, no matter what the cost. She's the one who would say "those that mind dont matter, and those that matter dont mind" She's always there when you need her, and isn't afraid to tell you the truth. Loves to laugh, and you can hear her for miles. One of the most loving, supportive, funny, crazy, loyal people you could ever hope to meet!!! You definitely want an Emmalena on your side.
"Whose that tough chick?"

"Aw, thats Emmalena, but don't worry she's really lovely"
by gypsymadonna January 17, 2013
Can be used in several ways ...

1) A trough donkey is a name given to a seemingly boisterous, over-weight, sweaty person (male or female) who is dancing like they are a Size 6 in a club, and just look absolutely ridiculous. It normally comes with a variety of other sentences, such as "rolling up to the trough, and click clock". These sentences help you communicate with people around you (without actually alerting the T.D) that there is a Trough Donkey nearby.

2) You can also call someone a trough donkey when they wear high heels a lot, and do so in completely unnecessary situations. E.g. Such as a being a trash collector, gardening, or driving a digger ... Yes there are people out there who do this. And in this situation, additional sentences can be used to highlight their T.D. behaviour, by saying: "click clock click clock". Once again this is to help you communicate with those around you, that there is a Trough Donkey nearby.

3) Some other abbreviated versions can be used (but are not restricted to) when you address people such as: Trough, Trough Donker Donk, T.D, or you can refer to someone who constantly displays blatant Trough Donkey behaviour as "trough donkey kong". This is highlighting to them in a subtle way, that they are the King of Trough Donkey behaviour, and this sort behaviour needs an intervention plan, such as: starting a douche payment jar immediately.
Def 1)

Guy1: "bro look at that trough donkey over there!"

Guy 2: "aw shit bro, watch her she's rolling up to the trough (dancefloor)"

Def 2)

Girl 1: "Daym girl, you seriously need to cut this click clock click clock shit out"

Girl 2: "why?! I look good"

Girl 1: "Giirrlll, aint nobody gonna be looking at some dam trough donkey, click clocking all over da place! You better sort your shit"

Def 3)

Girl 1: "Hey Trough! How ya doing?"

Guy1: "What'd you call me?"

Girl 1: "awwww nothing, mah fav wee Trough Donkey Kong, you want in on pizza?"

Guy1: "bro hand me that jar"

Guy2 **hands over douche payment jar**
by gypsymadonna January 17, 2013
Best used to describe a very chaotic noisy scene, when it is quite clearly silent, calm and tranquil
You walk into the doctors waiting room, and it is clearly very quiet, but you can't help but grab your head in agony and say with the poshest English accent you can imagine:

"Crikey! It's like a Piccadilly Circus in here!!!"
by gypsymadonna January 18, 2013
Ca Wor Dow is an abbreviated sentence for Cut Words Down, and one I just dropped into a conversation once, when my idiot high school teacher was saying a bunch of abbreviations to me that didn't mean anything.

This saying is to be used to mock others when they are constantly using abbreviations way too much in a sentence. It is best used in mid-conversation, when you can interrupt them with "omg, I ca wor dow too ... " what your really saying, "omg, I cut words down too!" (trick: you need to sound over enthusiastic for them to feel like an idiot).

The conversation normally ends there. Work well done.
Person 1 "Carl, can you please put the AC on, then carry the 1 over to the PC, and SMS me the deets, so I can flick me Mrs a MMS, and carry the 1 over there? Yep if you could do that asap, then I can fax all these abbrevs over to the manny. I cant go out on Sat though, ill be hung for sure, thought I'd let you know bro, but let me know what your down 3 on sun"

Me: "Fuck your dick. Ca Wor Dowing aint that spesh bro! How the fuck do you breath when you say all that?!"
by gypsymadonna January 17, 2013

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