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The opposite of muscular as in an injury that affects bones, not muscles.
I say, my leg injury is giving me gyp ... it's boneular y'know!
by gypmaster May 24, 2007
The position in a game of big money 'Chase The Ace' in which the poor feckin eejit has an upturned King to his left and an Ace is hotfootin' it his way.
The other players are observing the ace being passed around faster that herpes, and the upturned king is ending all hope for the poor sap, all together now; 'Dead Mans Corner!, Dead Mans Corner!'
by gypmaster May 24, 2007
An easy to order type of alcohol, particularly when one is leathered.
Barman: 'Yes sir, how can I be of assistance?'

Leathered person: 'Booze! Brownbooze!'
by gypmaster May 24, 2007

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