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a person that like to say big g big g to what ever they can

and has a name like uummm barney lol
who is the big g wich could be big gay, or big gangster or basically anything lol
n like to call people gype :P
big g big g :)
by gype for ever :) May 23, 2009
people who like to spend there night on the computer talking about goody bags filled with condoms,lube,alchohol and drugs that have princesses on the front and are pink :)
these people are rather beanish
they are mimbeans


beans friends :)
by gype for ever :) May 24, 2009
a teenage girl that every loves even they pretend to hate her
who has a really annoying older brother that likes to shou abuse at her
a gype is a pretty amazing person and everyone want to be one but on special people can be a called a gype
person 1: omg i hate you
gype: ok what ever

peson 1: (behind gypes back)i reli wish i could be like her shes amazing n such a gype
person 2: i know right me to :)
by gype for ever :) May 16, 2009
a pretty wicked girl but trys to die her hair from blonde to brown n its ends up greeny ginger
she has a love for selk bags, pauls boutique bags, shoes (shoegasms), bagasms, n everything that is mega expecive but the only problem is she needs money to buy all this so need to rob a bank :) with her partner in crime :P
flo also has a love for bathroom floors but a phobia of wooden objects
n is also friends with gypes who she loves to bits
flo: i need a selk bag
person: same here
flo:dam i also need money i know lets rob a bank
person: (partner in crime) lets do it

cool kids
by gype for ever :) May 17, 2009
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