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2 definitions by gymclasshero

An amazingly kickass rap/punk band that has extreme talent in writing songs. Best songs include Taxi Driver, Papercuts, and Makeout Club.
At the drive-in watching soft porn
And you can tell
By the trail of the dead
That there was something in the popcorn
by gymclasshero August 27, 2005
A medical condition that turns into so much of a loser that you end up looking up "depression" on Urban Dictionary on a Saturday night.
From day one I talked about getting out
But not forgetting about
How all my worst fears were letting out
He said "why put a new address
on the same old loneliness?'
When breathing just passes the time
Until we all just get old and die
Now talking's just a waste of breath
And living's just a waste of death
And why put a new address
On the same old loneliness?
And this is you and me
and me and you
until we have nothing left
Depression sucks.
by gymclasshero November 05, 2005