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A strong and determined woman who served as the governor of Alaska for 3 years and in September of 2008 was chosen as the Vice Presidential running mate of Senator John McCain. She is a mother of 5, her youngest being a down syndrome child. Two of her sons serve in the armed forces. She deeply supports the war in Iraq and will continue to support it until American comes out victorious. Palin has strict conservative values which include supporting the 2nd amendment, being pro-life and anti gay marriage. She is the governor of Alaska and supports the United States in using our own natural resource in becoming energy independent, which include tapping into ANWR for more oil. She is the breathe of fresh air the Republican Party needs.
Obama doesn't know why he is slipping in the poles...oh yeah, that's right, he's old news, Sarah Palin has got the momentum.
by gwubbush September 05, 2008

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