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13 definitions by gwr definition agency

(4294967295) The highest number you can get using 32 bits (BInary digiTS)
11111111111111111111111111111111 = 4,294,967,295
FFFFFFFF = 4,294,967,295

The moronic programmer tried without success to add a googolplexian to 4,294,967,295.
by GWR Definition Agency March 28, 2006
A character from Final Fantasy X who is borderline goth, uses dolls as weapons, and is as volumptuous as fuck.
No example required for this definition.
by GWR Definition Agency July 18, 2005
Another name for a cat.
Go see cat.
{ This here is extra text to get through UD's stupid word limit. }
by GWR Definition Agency January 02, 2005
In the term french fries (notice it's not capitalized), "french" refers to the way they're cut, NOT the country of origin (which happens to be Belgium).
So, we can see how extremely dumb it was to rename "french fries" "freedom fries," especially due to the fact that "french" does not refer to the country.
by GWR Definition Agency March 23, 2007
Music Bullshit, referring to MTV (Music Television) as what is really is: a hot, steaming pile of bullshit.
My sister always watches MBS, ignoring the fact that it's plain bullshit.
by GWR Definition Agency July 18, 2005
a commonly used prefix for hexadecimal numbers
0xDEAD = 57005

I told you to shut the fuck up 0xF4240 times already.
by GWR Definition Agency May 27, 2007
A feature in Mozilla Firefox and the upcoming Internet Explorer 7 that helps keep your taskbar clean by placing your web pages in tabs below the toolbars. Very useful.
Just because Internet Explorer 7 has tabbed browsing doesn't mean it's any less of a piece of shit.
by GWR Definition Agency August 03, 2006