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is a term the Spanish-speaking community uses to define those women who think it is cute to wear "BABYGIRL" or "SEXY MAMI" on blouses and sport drawn on Sharpie eyebrows ; a ghetto Latina who thinks huaraches count as formal attire ; it is a term used to demean a woman who you may think appears to be less sophisticated than you.
OH-EM-GEE Stacy, look at that naca.
Does she like, not own a mirror or something?
You can totally tell the sequins on her blouse were SO glued on.

Omgosh, look away before she like, totally throws a "chancla" at us.
by gvhsxcheer September 09, 2009
a girl who feels like the big shit because she can shake her ass, usually isn't good looking and usually HAS no ass .
Basically a girl who tries to shake what her momma DIDN'T give her .
"Are you guys varsity cheerleaders? Ewww, where we come from, we call y'all booty waggers!"
by gvhsxcheer January 30, 2010

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