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an annoying, messy and slimy race of sub-humans. they always do the "peace" sign whenever they take their pictures and it looks so pathetic. they have tiny and squeaky voices like someone dumped rubber bath toys down their throats. they smell very bad, and hardly bathe between monday and sunday, so it is very hard for them to find themselves love at all. the women cut their hair very short and spiky, and could be easily mistaken for an vietnamese man. they have very nasty and crooked yellow teeth; jeez, how on earth do they even brush their teeth, no wonder they're yellow in the first place! they're also short and skinny-as-bones, with absolutely no abs or biceps whatsoever; it's like cardboard with clothes on! there's also a tale going on that is: "vietnamese are very smart, and have better skin then whites." whatever! even as a black person i can say this: at least whites know that toothpaste or lotion means! plus, they come to be very hairy, with small everything. nothing but small, small, and some more small with these vietnamese people. plus, they always brag about winning the war with the united states, like somehow they're not able to kick vietnam's ass now if they feel like it; quit acting like you deserve a damn medal! well, vietnamese people being smart i guess is true, but we can all be like that if we get good grades in school to not get whipped in the arse by your teachers and parents.
wow, look at that vietnamese girl lose her hair while advertising asian aging.
by guydudeman22-20 October 05, 2008

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