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Used as a cancelling prefix.

"I am going to the CIRCUS!"

"Like Hell you are!"
by guy_incognito December 09, 2005
A Japanese word which describes the traditional formal way of sitting (literally "correct sitting") in that country.

To sit seiza-style, one first kneels on the floor, and then rests the buttocks on the heels, with the tops of the feet flat on the floor. The hands are sometimes folded modestly in the lap and sometimes placed palm down on the upper thighs with the fingers close together. The back is kept straight, though not unnaturally stiff. Traditionally, women sit with the knees together while men separate them slightly, proportional to body size. Some martial arts, notably kendo and iaido, may prescribe up to two fist widths of distance between the knees. The big toes may rest side by side or are sometimes overlapped.
Some find it painful to sit in seiza, bit I am superman, and hence feel no pain!
by guy_incognito August 04, 2005
The Marketing Department ("666"), is the most wholly evil and wrong thing on this earth. The marketing department is responsible for marketing the goods and/or services of the respective company for which they are employed. This career line, however, is so packed with those who had no idea what to do with their lives that the quality of such departments is next to 0 out of 10. The term "Marketing Department" should not, however, be confused with the awesome Japanese "Geniuses".
"What the hell makes McDonalds' marketing department think this is a good idea?"

"Man, I love Japanese condom advertisements!"
by guy_incognito July 27, 2005

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