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3 definitions by guy who was just upper deckin' your ma

n boboli: and idiot of unmatched proportion.

from the Spanish bobo: an idiot or one of lower mental capacity


the Li, a traditional chinese measure of distance or proportion.
Did you hear that guy likes to eat pre-fab pizza crust?

Yeah, what a boboli!
A statement which clearly denotes its user as being

A)twelve or under

B)a virgin

C)someone who uses "words" such as 1337 or leet and is in fact

D) a n00b

E)who also uses "words" teh and pwn

F)who would in fact be stomped to death by one such as myself in real life

G)and would also be owned by a real player in CS or any other fps of their choosing
me: That's the third knife kill I've gotten on you this game, putzer!

pimply faced virgin:stfu, I'll get my awp and show you!

me: ~snikty snikt~ that's four, shut up and play.
n. A wuss or someone who is exceptionally effeminate.

v. slang for the action of taking a piss.
1 hit that blunt like a man, don't be such a liss!

2 hold my 40, I gotta go take a liss.