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Most of these definitions appear to be written by people with a great dislike of so called hipters. What little group were you excluded from that made you so bitter? These are not really definitions, but diatribres. The three paragraph rants about a percieved stereotype seem a bit extreme and obsessive. Kids like to have fun with fasion. They always have. Let them have their fun. It's part of growing up. No matter what you do you are adhering to some cultural conformity. Pick your fashion, enjoy it and shut up.
I hate hipters because they think they're better than me, I know they do because it's what I think. Just look at them with their hipster haircuts and tight jeans. Why don't hipsters just dress like "normal" people, mainstream music rules, I love Clay Aikins and P. diddy.
by guy smiley 888 October 10, 2006

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