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Usually a response.

Most common definitions.

Won't work, Can't do it, No, Don't think so, Not even, No go. etc etc.

Commonly used in Bay Area slang.
Used as: No, Don't think so

Person: Aye breh you gon come through to the party tonight.
Person: Its bad i think breh.

Used as: No, Not even

Person: Damn nikka you homo for him haha.
Person: *shakes head* its bad breh.
by guntr0n June 21, 2009
The Great Mall in Milpitas.

Commonly Used in Bay Area. Mostly used in Santa Clara County by all the little teens.(California)

Mall is known for its handful of drug dealers, bops, gangsters, little middle school kids, ETARDS.

E tard Central. Mall rat Central.
?: You going g mall?
?:Probably but im gonna pick up some stacy.
by guntr0n June 21, 2009

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