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a dull, characterless individual who hides their complete and utter lack of personality behind long, fancy words and phrases, most of which they looked up on thesaurus.com during their many hours of spare time

pseudo intellectuals are often sexually-deprived basement dwellers or lazy teenagers who moderate an online forum or chat room

reveling in their heightened cyber-status and demonstrating bogus levels of self-confidence and self-esteem they could never muster away from the shield of a computer screen, they belittle less frequent internet users - often targeting their spelling or grammar - when in fact their own issues are ten times worse

a pseudo intellectual relies on his or her artificial web-authority to convince them self that they don't have a vacous, doleful and uninteresting life when the truth is that they'll never achieve anything away from their computer

ask a pseudo intellectual about something which requires an original, individual thought process and they'll show their true colours
james: hey whats up
Ryan.: I type everything in full sentences, and use excessive punctuation. I'm smart.
james: what do u think of obamas foreign policy?
Ryan.: Bush's speeches were funny, LMFAO. Now fuck off, newbie.
james: lol pseudo intellectual
by gunnerman1 February 04, 2011

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