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Someone who locks themselves in their room. They love getting pokey stix and taco bell. They also love doing lab reports. They usually will cough when starting to talk. Most of their time is spent on the phone with their mother. Often times she will order him pokey stix. This person also does not shave, causing them to get a "blackbeard". They also shower at weird times, like 2am. These people also have been known to shower with a bathing suit on. They also take their shirts off to take a shit. One time, the pigeon peed all over the bathroom floor, because he missed the toilet. If you find a pigeon living near you, please be careful, offer to order him pokey stix and he will not attack you.
" pigeon, why does the bathroom smell like pee"
" i missed the toilet and got it all over the floor"

"pigeon, drive me to taco bell"
"go away, im on the phone with my mom"
"come on pig, ill buy you a taco"
"ok fine, lets go"

"pigeon, wanna hang out"
"i cant, have to write lab report"
by gumby's delivery guy December 11, 2006

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