3 definitions by gumball323

a combination of liquid and shit. when your shit is literally liquid.
Joe: dude wats that liquid brown stuff drippin from yer pantleg?

Bill: aw man i totally shiquidded all over teh floor

Joe: noob
by Gumball323 July 16, 2010
when your shit is stringy kinda and is able to weave into things such as string, rope, thread, etc.
Joe: whats that long trail of stringy stuff hangin out of your ass?
Bill: aww man i totally assflaxxed
by gumball323 July 15, 2010
the word you say when ur just frikkin bored
Joe: poofilajonktrastorp!

Bill: wtf man

Joe: just shut up man im bored

Bill: aight
by gumball323 July 28, 2010

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