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A Chinese restaurant in the hood. Often serves popular local ethnic food, too, like hot wings in Atlanta, and plantains in Brooklyn.
I hit the hood hang on the way home from the train and got a quarter chicken and some shrimp fried rice.
by GullibleZine April 20, 2007
An acronym used on instant messenger. Stands for "Gotta Take A Crap."
ChurlSux: So did I tell you how good this stoner rock album is?
Johnny L83K: No, not yet. Which one?
ChurlSux: The new Light The Fuse & Run. BRB GTAC.
by GullibleZine March 06, 2007
Someone who wears a lot of Nike sneakers and sportswear. Rhymes with "douchebag."
Half of Ed's bedroom is stacks of Jordan boxes. What a swooshbag.
by GullibleZine September 04, 2008
A beard worn by a resident of the stylish neighborhood, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Beards are very fashionable in Williamsburg, so a hipster with a beard is Williamsbeard. It can be used as an adjective, too, to describe an event or thing that is popular with happening, bearded people.
"You know Eric, he's one of my friends from Bard - he lives off Lorimer St. and has a Williamsbeard."

"I was trying to get into that Band of Horses CD but it was just too Williamsbeard for me."

"I left that loft party because it was just too Williamsbeard, plus they were out of beer, and everyone was looking at me funny for not wearing cut-off jeans."
by GullibleZine June 26, 2008
The female version of a sausage party. Pronounced like "buffet."
The party was a total muffet - six girls per one guy.
by gulliblezine February 24, 2008
An internet celebrity. Someone who is famous for what they do online (blog, for instance).
My blog got 95 views today. I'm a total e-lebrity! LOLZ.
by GullibleZine May 02, 2007
A nice way of saying "Crazy Bitch."
My boss just texted me twice to remind me about the new store hours...the ones that are posted on the counter right by the register. What a bazy critch.
by GullibleZine May 04, 2009

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