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2 definitions by guitargod

A wigger who feels like an outcast so he starts listening to shitty music. Then he becomes an even bigger wigger, dubbing himself a "juggalo." Him/Her and their "homies" have a gathering once a year where they continue listening to shitty music and poor pop all over themselves and act like faggots.
Juggalo: Wassup dog you ever heard of ICP?

Normal kid: Yeah they are fucking gay!

Juggalo: Now don't make me get my hatchet...

(Juggalo gets knocked out in one punch)
by guitargod January 03, 2008
A game where men play with a ball and wrap their arms around each other too take them down to the ground. Usually after every play the main player gets a smack on the ass by another player, both whom are male, while other male fans cheer them on.
Guy 1: Hey did you watch the football game?

Guy 2: yea

Guy 1: What happened?

Guy 2: The running back scored a touchdown and the other his teamates hugged him and smacked him on the ass.

Guy 1: That sounds pretty gay.
by guitargod January 03, 2008