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A number that alumni of Pomona College believe occurs more often in nature than other random numbers. The first attempt to prove this conjecture occured in 1964 when Laurens "Laurie" Mets ('68) and Bruce Elgin ('68) analyzed California license plates for the number.

Additionally, due to the presence of Pomona graduate Joseph Menosky ('79) as a writer and co-producer of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", the number was adopted and used frequently throughout the series when a random number was needed.
Rolaids absorbs 47 times its weight in excess acid.
by Guinevere January 04, 2004
A word commonly used by Australian women to refer to sexy redheads ie "Sexy Boy!"
"Dang, check out that Woz over there!" usually prefaced with the phrase "Uhuhuh".
by guinevere March 08, 2005
A descriptor that may be used in place of the phrase "So-so", "Sort of", or a hand-tilting gesture, indicating the mere adequacy of the thing or event in question. Replaces the use of an actual adjective modified by the suffix "-ish", e.g. "funish" or "yellowish".
"So, did you enjoy the game?" "Ish."

"How did you do on the exam?" "Ish."
by Guinevere January 04, 2004

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