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A horse race held in hunt valley maryland at shawan downs annually on the last saturday in april. its basically an excuse for all the catholic school kids from towson (Loyola, CHC, NDP, Maryvale, etc.) to get a couple kegs of beer from alumni of their schools and cram as many other kids into their suburbans as they can fit as it costs $35 to park per vehicle. The kids don't even go to the actual races, it's just an excuse for them to tailgate all day beside others of the likes and their parents and teachers (Bersin/ Viola). It is given that you smoke as much weed before arriving as you possibly can... that is about an oz per suburban. Upon leaving, every other car is either a baltimore county cop or a suburban or jeep. You are bound to see a few crashes of high school kids' mud covered cars on the way home from hunt cup as all the kids are barely sober enough to open their cell phones, much less drive a car. Nonetheless, a good time for all.
"hey guidera, you got the kegs covered for hunt cup!?"
by guidera May 04, 2005

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