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1 definition by gtg110b


1. An individual of such limited mental capacity that he fails to understand subtly communicated messages pertaining to his gross mental and physical inadequacy, and therefore, deserves to be mocked by general society for his unfounded grandeur.

2. A male, humorously rejected by a female over ten years his junior, who resorts to what could only be considered text message stalking in an asinine effort to preserve dignity. These individuals typically possess inadequate “physical features” and show early signs of male pattern baldness. Furthermore, these individuals can be readily identified on MySpace and Facebook friends lists as they are the awkward looking “old guy” amongst a series of college co-eds.
God, this TOOL keeps text messaging! When will he get the hint that I think he is a douche? Oh look, he is calling someone else a TOOL. What irony!
by gtg110b December 03, 2007
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