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14 definitions by gt

Gods gift to mankind
Wow, thats a fly maxima
by gt September 10, 2003
219 55
used as a label for a person that is low on the social ladder, either because of unfettered promiscuity, poor personal hygiene, or any other indicator of social status
You are dirt.
That chick is dirt man.
by GT August 10, 2004
272 127
The "special" kids got to ride this bus. Those with mental difficulties, and those who were "not all there"
Dave rode the short bus to school, and got to use the PA system, until he barked at one girl, who was a total dog. He was then told to sit in the back of the short bus, which in all actuallity wasn't that far back.
by GT July 13, 2004
149 58
Some one who looks good from a distance but is really ugly up close.
Your girl looks good from a blockamore.
by GT April 04, 2003
11 1
A word used to mock stupidity. Originated in Canada in response to a TV commercial depicting a young hockey fan cheering for Wayne Gretsky. Gretsky's last name was slurred by the boy, and he pumped his fist in the air ackwardly. The word and the gesture and both performed to complete the insult.
by GT July 12, 2004
4 1
a haxor
PUNKBUSTER has kicked "****" due to baronX violation.
by gt June 10, 2003
1 0
one who uses flyhax
*******: GT 600 fps
katstar: i have 125 fps
*****: then how do you go so high
katstar: because i have 333 fps
*****: uh..
by gt June 10, 2003
1 2