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A common whore, usually in high school. This girl will keep a list of all the guys she has "done stuff" with. This list will usually cover at least a frontside of a pieced of lined notebook paper. usually this girl isn't great looking, but good enough that drunk guys would hit it in a heartbeat.
"damn dude, you hooked up with tay ray too, you might wanna get checked for herpes."
by gsweeps March 31, 2008
When a guy is crushin a chic with pigtails from behind without protection, and exclaims oh ya, I'm HIV positive, and then proceeds to hold on to the pigtails and ride as long as possible.
"Hey bro, I pulled the Boston Rodeo on this chic last night, she had long pigtails so I got an 8 second ride.
by gsweeps March 31, 2008

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