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1 definition by gsmax4

A race of people originating from Iran. These people, like Germans, are Aryans. Persians are also white, and not semitic; they are descendants of Japheth, not Shem. Persians aren't Arabs either: Lebanese, Syrians, Saudis, and Yemenites are Arabs, but not Persians. Their native religion is Zoroastarianism, but most Persians practice islam today because they were forced to convert to the religion after the Arabs invaded Iran in the 7th Century AD.

They once had a powerful and vast empire, but it was destroyed by the Greeks and even worse by the Arabs. Alexander the Great destroyed the mighty city of Persepolis when he was drunk, but the Arabs tried to suppress their culture and brought Islam, and tried to do away with the Persian language though they were unsuccessful in doing so.

Modern Persians in Iran are given little freedom and oppressed by the Islamic republic, while Persians outside of Iran are typically prosperous.
Persians are an ancient race and the founders of the oldest nation in the world: Iran
by gsmax4 November 20, 2008