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ghetto school-named after a midwestern highschool that is obviously ghetto.
shit my new schools a bhsn, i told ya we shouldnt have moved to da south side
by gs August 27, 2003
A bitch that has sex and then leaves the next morning while you worry about catching aids, and then you work up enough nerve to take the test. When the results come back you find out you dont have aids but the FBI finds your DNA on record that matches with the OJ simpson case, and then you go to jail and OJ becomes a superhero and is granted superpowers like xray vision and superstab attack.
uh oh, i just got sexcooter'd
by Gs April 18, 2005
A subcontinental class of eagle perceived locally to be gay, or homosexual.
Sohail is being such a shikra.
by gs July 24, 2003
a word used by many, mainly in st annes...nyang has no meaning it is a word used for those quiet moments or screeched out of sams car window to scare passers by. it can also be used in conjunction with "buh" to form an even more hillarious word "nyangabuh"
by gs June 23, 2003
when an african american walks into a room and / or breaks wind. Anything an african american can do to cause an odor.
Francisco- dude, Lionel was at the party last night, PHEW did he lay a hell of a nigga stink stink
Alan - yea, they threw him out of the party for it.
by Gs April 18, 2005
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