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a term used when describing the excitement of being with a female.
"shafunda screw on the first date."
by grza November 22, 2002
to contain a large amount of human methane gas (fart)in one's hand then stratigicly place your hand in front of another's nose (in a scooping motion). the recipiant will not know why your hand is in front of their face they will not think to hold their breath. they will inadvertantly take a deep breath and be devestated by the putrid stench. the idea is to try to scoop the gas from point a to point b in the straightest line possible with out loosing it.
"damn yo I was ridin' with jamold and he skooped me!"

"ya he got skooped so bad."

"hey , ya want the skoop?"
"whats the skoop?"
(skoop 'em)
by grza November 22, 2002
this term comes from the word "shagin wagon" see "shagin wagon"
this word just means that the car saw no action... what so ever.

ya go get my CD player out of the
"un-shag", its parked out back.

jason was a virgin the whole time he had his car.
by grza November 22, 2002

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