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A term used by Marine Grunts to refer to Al-Asad Air Base, Iraq. The Air base located in an extremely remote area of Al-Anbar Province where POG's of every service stay in air conditioned trailers, eat steak and lobster regularly, shower regularly, it has a swimming pool, movie theater, subway, burger king, pizza hut, massage parlor, salon, PX, and bus service.
Army POG-"hey marines how about you put on some clean cammies and shower before you come into the chow hall"

Salty Marine Grunt-"oh, we were actually just wondering where the "camp cupcake" ferris wheel is"

Army POG-"im a Sergeant First Class so how about you show some respect"

Salty Marine Grunt-"well Sergeant First Class, we are actually the ones fighting the war here...so "tactfully" go fuck yourself!"
by gruntoif3 January 04, 2010
a neon green/yellow tint to your piss after consuming any variety of energy drink. usually the (green) punched citrus rockstar
holy shit that rockstar gave me shrek piss!!
by gruntoif3 January 03, 2010
an elusive, endangered, majestic creature that dwells in the unsettled deserts of iraq.
Army POG- "Hey there Marine what happened to you?"

Salty Marine Grunt-"you ever try to fight an Iraqi Desert Bear?"

Army POG-"No"

Salty Marine Grunt- "Dont"
by gruntoif3 January 04, 2010
the act of sticking your hand down your pants, getting a hand full of ball sweat and smacking an unsuspecting person across the face with your frumunda cheese coated hand
"last night when that bitch got lippy with me I gave her the best mcgillio ever!!!"
by gruntoif3 January 04, 2010

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