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the day my hero
layne thomas staley
died of an apparent overdose of heroin and cocaine

as lead singer of the band Alice in Chains
layne was a talented songwriter and had one of the greatest voices in all of rock. Staley's lyrics often dealt with his struggle against heroin (among other things) addiction as well as other personal troubles. Around 1994 his addictions were getting the best of him and his health was rapidly declining
at a public apperaence shortly after the death of fellow seattle grunge rocker kurt cobain, layne looked green, thin and sickly. when on camera he hid his face with a ski mask.
despite this layne returned to the studio to make another album, which turned out to contain some of the greatest lyrics layne has ever written.
laynes body was found on april 19, 2002

he is my hero and he will be missed so much
so many of the good die before their time
i am naming my first born after layne

April 5th is one of the saddest days in rock history
by grungegirl92 January 05, 2009

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