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Children who use their parents' weaknesses in order to get material goods. The weakness is usually guilt. These are the kids who expect their parents to buy them an awesome car for their 16th birthday, and another car when they crash that one. These children are truly ridiculous and give kids everywhere a bad name.
Spoiled Brat - "Daddy! I want this car!"
Father - "I'm sorry honey but I need to pay for mortgage which I haven't paid since I had to buy that boat last year."
Brat - "But Daddyyyyy! The people at my extremely expensive private high school were making fun of me because my phone came out last month and theirs are all brand new!"
Father - "Okay sweetie, I'll buy you the car and a new phone. We can live in the car when the house gets taken away!"
Brat - "Yaaaaaay!! Thank you Daddy! I love you!"
Father's thoughts - 'Shoot me now...'
by grrr mehhh rawrrr June 11, 2009

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