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A man who gives anal sex to another man.
He is hot! And a pitcher, to boot.
by grrlscout August 13, 2003
A man who receives anal sex
I sure like Rod. But he's more of a catcher.
by grrlscout August 13, 2003
Cheap, common, sexually promiscuous girl, wearing way too much makeup and shiny cheap jewelry, usually underage or close to it.
Don't wear that outfit. That miniskirt with the hot-pink lipstick and inch of black eyeliner on your eyes makes you look like a chippie.
by Grrlscout September 04, 2003
a superviolent shaved-headed racist neofascist punk type - called an 8-ball because he/she does 8-balls, or has a shaved head like an 8-ball, or is the game ender like an 8-ball (once they show up and thrash the party is over)
It was cool until she brought her 8-ball boyfriend over. What a psycho.
by Grrlscout September 03, 2003

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