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2 definitions by growler666

Not a saucy 1970s comedy starring Barbara Windsor and Sid James, but a person who either a) packs 300lbs of clothes in an "air-travel approved" roller-case that then won't fit in the overhead compartment or b) someone who manages to get on board with a roller-case, brief-case, laptop bag, hand-bag, duty-free bag and coat despite the 1 piece of hand-luggage rule.

The net effect is there's not enough space for your rucksack within 5 rows of where you are sitting.
"Sorry, do you mind if I wedge my bag under your seat as some selfish carry on cunt filled the overhead"
by growler666 April 08, 2011
A largely unregulated home-based profession popular with a) failed medical professionals, typically struck-off for sexual misconduct or b) retired men in their 40s with latent homosexual tendencies.
I'm in need of some man-love, perhaps I could become a Sports Therapist.
by growler666 March 06, 2011