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sexual films, writing or talking- used to turn people on...
i looked him straight in the eyes as his hands moved down my hot, desperate body...i needed his huge throbbing cock inside of me...he entered my hot, wet, waiting pussy and...
by groupie February 03, 2005
champion of the underdog, hero of the online, shining light and inspiration to nerds everywhere.
incuban is more online than the internet, i want his babies.
by groupie April 22, 2005
There sluts that sleep with the band!
I had sex in that guys trailer last night, he said he was in a band...!
by groupie September 14, 2004
A Legendary CS Player known to the Town Folk
man1 : are you the real gotham, the amazing cs player?
gotham : yes brb going to cpl
man1 : sign my boobies your my hero
by groupie June 19, 2003
a legendary cs player known to many town folk
man1 : are you the real gotham?
gotham : yer
man1 : sign my boobies
by groupie June 19, 2003
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