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Crease n. Something that belongs to someone, generally a teenage male. A derivative of the crease which forms from sitting on the couch too much. The crease is always claimed by the same person, unless it becomes owned by someone else.
For use in the man-cave-
Austin: "Dude, get out of my crease!"
Griffin: "Dude, I got here first!"
Austin: "Didn't you here me? I said that's my CREASE."
Griffin: "Oh totally sorry man, won't happen again, I'll sit on the floor."

For use in life-
Griffin: "Bro, I kind of want that girl."
Austin: "Dude, that's my crease!"
Griffin: "Oh sorry man I didn't know you were tappin' that."

Griffin: "Dude, can I eat that?"
Austin: "Nah dude, that's my crease."
Griffin: "Damn, she was fine..."
by griffinyanny February 19, 2011

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