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2 definitions by greytomato

The combination of the words "Facebook" and "Espionage".
Using Facebook in order to spy on people, looking into their profile, their friends list, gathering all possible information about them.
I've done some facebionage activity last night, and guess what? As it turns out, my old friend from way back in high school is now living in Paris and he's got a new dog!
by GreyTomato April 19, 2009
23 5
When someone pours himself a drink and his friend sees him and put his glass next to him so he can pour him a drink as well. this leads to more friends that put their glasses next to him waiting to get their drink.
This person is becoming the head of the pouring pyramid. And therefore, he's called "Ramesses".
"Hey dude, you've just poured all of us a drink, you're Ramesses."

"I coundn't wait any longer for someone else to start pouring the drink, i have to become Ramesses".

"You've been Ramessesed!"
by greytomato June 13, 2009
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