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5 definitions by greycellsinxs

FaceBook Bitch
jenny is such a FBB! all day long she is on my profile, snooping up on me.
by greycellsinxs August 24, 2009
what the flying fuck.
matt: WTFF man i told you to meet me at the golden gates.
joe: i care a flying fuck what you say.
by greycellsinxs March 16, 2009
the act of ripping off a girl's clothes off breast in a passionate moment
randy: while we were at it last nite, i bust ripped my girl.
mark: way to go dude!
by greycellsinxs August 04, 2008
slang for a girl's nipples
hey matt, check those boobie buttons out!
real neat huh?!
by greycellsinxs August 04, 2008
damn man this brainstorming is going no where! FFF
by greycellsinxs March 18, 2009