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To have one's car damaged in a parking lot with no note left by the moron who did the damage.
My car got "Britney'd" at the mall.
Dude, judging by the height, it was probably an SUV.
by gregory trayne December 07, 2007
When Jim Cramer highly recommends a stock on "mad money" and it goes up significantly the next day.
While much can be attributed to his fine acumen, his popularity can not be factored out of the resulting uptick.
I expect to get a "cramer bounce" on my joy global shares tomorrow (joyg) after he touts it on his show tonite...
by gregory trayne May 29, 2008
Making a list of the flaws of an ex who dumped you to raise your spirits in an otherwise sad time.
I miss her,so I made an "exflaw list": she was always late, had no tits, no cum in mouth, c section scar, snored like a tractor etc...
by gregory trayne September 11, 2008
One who continues financial help after a relationship dissolves. In mature cases, can lead to mutual success. in lesser years it can lead to ponderous "hills" like luncheons where the male is called upon for post gynecological support for funtimes of others.
So, she called and said there was a potential problem with her parts due to an indescretion with another guy, but her gyno said it was o.k. So, I paid the bill, hugged my healthys and said goodbye. Receptionist: "You're a hell of a Frienefactor"
by gregory trayne September 06, 2008
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