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3 definitions by gregb#3

The Cleveland Browns Stadium. The name was given by angry fan Mike Polk who made a youtube video in which he rants about the annual losing records of the Browns.
You are a Factory of Sadness
by gregb#3 January 04, 2012
1) The favorite candidate to represent a political party in an election

2) A celebrities or athlete from a small town

3) The favorite son out of brothers.
1) Barack Obama was the Democratic Party's favorite son in the 2008 Presidental election

2) Ashton Kutcher is the favorite son of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

3) My brother is definetly the favorite son he gets better grades than me and made his middle school basketball team. I didn't make my school's team until high school
by gregb#3 November 28, 2011
A combination of "suck my dick" and "in your face" when used to comeback at somebody
Player 1: You suck at basketball

(Player 2 drains shot in his face)

Player 2: In your mouth
by gregb#3 January 10, 2012